What time commitment is required?

On average, you can expect to spend 1.5 to 2 hours assisting a candidate each week. The time required varies based on the individual needs of each individual you are assisting.

How is contact established with the candidate(s) I’m assisting?

Your program manager will explain to the candidate that you will be reaching out to assist them and will share your name and contact information with them through email while copying you. Once you receive this email, please reach out as soon as possible to establish contact.

Will I be responsible for connecting with the candidates I’m helping?

It is best if you take responsibility for reaching out to them by sending an email and making a phone call at least once per week until a regular pattern of contact is established. Your candidate(s) will need to trust you before they will begin reaching out to you.

How many candidates will I be expected to help?

Volunteers can decide how many people they are willing to assist at one time. We recommend helping one person initially until you feel comfortable assisting more than one candidate at a time.

What if I have questions or I’m unsure what to do while I’m helping someone?

Your HWDG Program Manager is your primary contact and is available by phone or email to answer questions and provide additional resources when needed.

Is it safe? Will I ever need to meet someone I’m helping in person?

COVID-19 makes safety a primary concern for both candidates and volunteer job coaches. You will never be required to meet with someone in person. We recommend that all contact remain virtual until it is safe to meet in person.

How long will I be committing to volunteer?

We are asking for an initial short term commitment of 4 months. If you prefer to step down at that time, we ask that you let us know in writing (an email is fine) and finish assisting anyone you are already helping before you step back completely.

What skills do I need?

To do this job well, you will need patience, empathy and a basic understanding of what employers are looking for when they interview and hire. We will provide the basic training needed to help someone navigate the HWDG system as well as additional resources that you can use and share with candidates to aid their progress.

Is the HWDG system difficult to use?

The HWDG job search system is not complicated and provides an interface that allows you to easily work with clients virtually during their job search and interviewing process.

What if I see problems that need to be addressed?

We care about your experience and want to gather feedback from you along the way. You can expect to receive a short survey via email with no more than 3-5 questions while you are volunteering with us. Please respond when you see those surveys in your inbox.

Do you have any other requirements that I should know about?

There are no additional requirements, however, we like to host virtual volunteer meetings monthly to allow for community, sharing and learning from one another. Please plan to participate in these meetings whenever possible to give additional feedback and create a better experience for yourself and others.